Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva Fight “Not Done Yet”

Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva Fight “Not Done Yet”


It had been long assumed that Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva would square off at a UFC Fight Night event on May 31 in Brazil. Sonnen has been stating that the fight hasn’t been signed and the confirmation of that fact came today.

During a media scrum today to promote Saturday’s UFC 171, Dana White told the media that the fight isn’t official.

“No, it’s not done yet. I gotta get that done this week too,” White stated. The UFC President feels though that everything will get worked out and the fight will happen.

“We’ll get it done,” White said.

People have speculated that the reason why the fight hasn’t been signed is due to the TRT ban, which Sonnen has been receiving an exemption for the last couple years. White though doesn’t feel the recent ban will be an issue in regards to Sonnen.

“One of the things about Chael Sonnen, he’s a very good communicator. So if Chael thought something was in jeopardy or something wasn’t gonna happen, he would let us know.”

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