Hulk Hogan States That It Is “Just So Humbling And Exciting” To Be Back In WWE And Hosting Wrestlemania

Hulk Hogan States That It Is “Just So Humbling And Exciting” To Be Back In WWE And Hosting Wrestlemania


Hulk Hogan is quite arguably the biggest draw in the history of pro wrestling. Hogan returned to the WWE after a six year hiatus and announced he will be the host of Wrestlemania 30. The event takes place this Sunday from the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The WWE Hall of Famer talked to Redeye Chicago and discussed what it was like to get the call from the WWE to return and be apart of Wrestlemania 30.

“Well, I started this thing. Before I worked for Vince McMahon Jr. I worked for his dad. So it’s kind of the house that Hogan and McMahon built. It was a small regional company at the time but when Vince Jr. took over, he wanted me to be the lead dog because I had the most momentum going at the time than any other wrestler.

So starting this wonderful experience and now fast-forwarding 30 years later and with the timing being so good and lucky is just so humbling and exciting. To be the host and announcing matches for the show leaves me speechless at times.

When I tell others that I will be immortal, it’s true. With the WWE Network I will always be introduced to younger generations and the Hulkster will be running wild forever.”

Hogan also gives his predictions on who wins at Wrestlemania, whether he would do a reality show on the WWE Network and much more.

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